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JUNE 22, 2024

Day Long GUS Non-Synchronous Event

Underscore Immersion

facilitated by Vitali Kononov

Join us for a the Global Underscore Berkeley Non-Synchronous Practice at the Finnish Hall, Saturday

Sign Up In Advance for the 3rd Installment of ARC on March 2025 with Legendary Guest Teachers!


2 Contact Improvisation Intensives

with Chris Aiken, Ray Chung and Andrew Harwood

March 16-22, 2025, Berkeley, CA

For the last two years we have been blessed with these three legends co-teaching a full week luxurious practice which was a great success. We all enjoyed it, learned from it, and decided to do it again.

Would you like to deepen your practice?

Contact Improvisation invites a diverse, open-minded community where creative expression knows no bounds. It celebrates a fusion of movement, offering a space for boundless exploration and connection. While some thrive in its fluid, celebratory nature, others are drawn to delve deeper, seeking profound meaning and subtlty in connection. If you resonate with this quest for depth, you're in the right place. Let's explore together.

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Ongoing Underscore

Our monthly Underscore practice at Finnish Hall is on hold. We haven't found a great spot in the schedule yet. Please keep in touch. Join our Facebook group and soon we will resume.

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Moving By Touch is created by Vitali Kononov in 2008 as an independent force dedicated to the practice, research, and education in the field of Contact Improvisation, a movement art form driven by dynamicly embodied presence, playful athleticism, artistic passion and innovative social awareness.

about Moving By Touch

“I facilitate and collaborate in local Bay Area projects offering classes, workshops and gatherings that celebrate Contact Improvisation in it’s many facets.”